Youth Power Cubed

The Community Alliance for Teen Safety is pleased to announce the receipt of funding to implement its Youth Power Cubed program which combines its traditional and existing programs for youth with a special emphasis on peer-to-peer mentoring and youth empowerment that is currently lacking because of the pandemic.

COVID-19 has dramatically modified the social and educational environments of high-school and middle-school aged youths. Given full-time remote learning this past spring, and many school districts providing hybrid or full remote learning this fall, many students are physically out of school and have no or limited access to the sports teams, clubs, or other school-related activities and supports that they previously participated in.

In light of this, the Governor’s Youth Council identified several services that they believe are of importance under the circumstances caused by the pandemic. The receipt of funding for social, educational, athletic, and support-based programming will allow the Community Alliance For Teen Safety to provide high-school and middle-school students with needed additional structure, guidance, assistance, as well as opportunities for social, emotional, and educational growth that are lacking due to circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this funding, the Community Alliance for Teen Safety, will be providing the following trainings: First Aid Training for Babysitters, Mindfulness Meditation: Best Practices, Addressing Cyberbullying , Cultural Competence: Racial Awareness, Building Self Esteem: Body & Self Image for Girls, Trainings for Vulnerable Youth, Training/Webinars for Teachers, and Fostering Student Connections.